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Small metal parts for agricultural and earthmoving machinery

In the farm mechanization sector agricultural machines are divided into:

Driving machines:
self-propelled machines used to haul, push or drive other machines (this is the agricultural tractors category);

Working machines:
may be self-propelled or carried/trailed by the tractor; these machines are used for agricultural operations such as tilling (Motocultivator, Plough, Harrow, Grubber, Crumbler, Tiller, Roller, Rotary tiller, Ripper, Spading machine), for sowing and transplanting (Seed drill, Transplanter), for spreading fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides (Sprayer, Spreader, Duster, Atomizer), for produce harvesting (Mower, Reaper-binder, Combine harvester, Potato digger, Potato harvester,  Hay tedder), for crop handling (Threshing machine, Huller, Pick-up baler, Silage cutter, Dryer, Mill, Crusher, Chipper, Cane-chopper, Stalk-cane chopper,  Leaf remover), for crop transport (Agricultural trailer, Auger), and for feed distribution (Self-propelled cutter-mixer);

Agricultural trailers:
used for loading and transport.

Our operations are focused on the production of the small metal parts required to ensure correct operation of your agricultural machines. We specialise in the production of thrust rings, components for speed variators, lawnmower blades, serrated thrust rings, lugs, covers, rotors, shims, special washers and curved washers.

: Bronze, steel, mild steel, carbon steel, copper

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